Add-on elements

We also offer numerous add-on elements and extensions so that you can further increase the utilisation of your High Ropes Course. Many add-on elements can also be operated as single attractions, can be billed separately and thus represent an additional source of income. Popular attachments are e.g. giant swing, abseiling station, zip line and many more. However, the use of the High Ropes Course can also be extended by an additional event platform or a floodlight system, thus attracting more visitors.


One of the most frequently used add-on element is the kids’ course, which is installed below the first level. Our kids’ course is integrated in 90% of all our High Hopes Courses, as the target group can be increased even more. The kids’ course is equipped with the safety system KOALA POULIZ, a pass-through belay system, that simplifies handling for children and attendants. The safety system prevents unintentional unhooking and thus ensures additional safety. Therefore, kids can use the course without supervision.

event platform

The event platform is suitable for a variety of uses ranging from a lookout point for visitors to a rest station for climbing guests. It can be integrated at the second, third or even fourth level, depending on the type of the High Ropes Course and at the same time serves as a roof. A KT-18 can even be equipped with another observation deck. Furthermore, it reveals its full potential as a venue for events. It offers a spectacular location and moreover is sure to bring in additional revenue.

climbing column kt-18

The internally positioned climbing tower offers a 190 m² climbing surface at a very small footprint. The height of 12,7 m and the hexagonal shape allows the design of various climbing routes in all levels of difficulty. The tower is also customizable according to your preferences regarding colors and materials. The climbing tower is exclusively designed for our Signature Model with 3 levels and can also be installed at already existing KT-18 High Ropes Courses.

Giant swing

The giant swing is one of the most popular add-on attractions of the KristallTurm® High Ropes Course. It is the absolute screech factor for guests of all ages. An electric cable winch pulls the swing up to an angle of 50 degrees. Once it reaches the highest point, the guests unhook themselves and off they go! The giant swing can be used by around 40 visitors per hour.

pano swing

The Pano Swing allows swinging in lofty heights including spectacular views without having the ground directly under the feet. Only brave people get the extra kick and view! The Pano Swing is like an extra climbing element, but it is attached to the side of the base structure, not within it, which is why no additional space is needed.

tube slide

The tube slide is an add-on element, which is not only suitable for climbers but for all visitors. This stainless steel tube slide is used with a sliding bag, provided at the entrance. Depending on the version, the user slides down the spiral in complete darkness or in a transparent tube. Due to the bag, even the climbers can use the slide with their safety equipment. About 60 visitors can use the tube slide per hour.


In addition to stairs, the KristallTurm® High Ropes Course offers the possibility of connecting the climbing levels with special elements. This creates further climbing experiences and makes the ascent even more exciting. There are vertical and diagonal variants to choose from with an additional choice of different elements such as a rope ladder, a net ladder and many more. The connecting elements can be attached anywhere on the side where no stairs or other add ons have yet been fitted.

abseiling station

With this add-on element, visitors plunge into the depths and experience the feeling of a genuine free fall. A braking system, integrated into the abseiling equipment, slows down the fall in time. The guest is lowered to the ground safely in a controlled manner. Truly a thrill and a special attraction for large and small visitors alike! The system requires very little maintenance. Above all, it is suitable for children and adults and supports a high throughput. Therefore, up to 30 visitors can use the abseiling station per hour.

climbing panel

The climbing panels are attached to the outer poles of the High Ropes Course and can reach up to the third level (about 14m). Visitors can climb in safety with an automatic belay and with no need for a partner or special equipment. With a carabiner hooked to the harness, guests climb as far as their strength allows. No additional personnel is required to operate the climbing wall. The panels can be designed in different colors. There are three different versions: Straight, with overhang or chimney.

Walk the plank

Walk the plank is an add-on element for courageous climbers with a lot of balance. The climbers balance on a small steel beam that leads away from the climbing tower. At the end of the beam, a bell is placed, which the climber can ring once he has reached the furthest end. Walk the plank is like an extra climbing element, but it is attached to the side of the base structure, not within it. As it does not occupy any extra space on the ground, it is very popular with our clients.

wheelchair course

By integrating a wheelchair course even wheelchair drivers can participate in the Ropes Course adventure. Wheelchair elements can be fitted into the kids’ course level or into one of the upper climbing levels. Elements are intentionally chosen to even challenge experienced wheelchair drivers.

zip line

The zip line is an exciting add-on element for the KristallTurm® High Ropes Course and can be planned in various ways according to local conditions. For example, a route from the tower directly to the ground or from the tower to a transfer pole and from there to the ground is possible. With the third version, guests “fly” from the tower to a transfer pole and from there back to the tower. The routes lengths as well as the start and end points are designed according to the terrain. The zip line is especially well suited as an exciting way to descend from the KristallTurm® High Ropes Course.


The integration of a floodlighting system enables operators to extend their opening hours and special offers such as “Climbing under the
Stars” or “After Work Climbing”. Extended opening hours mean a higher income for you. In addition, the installation of a sound system allows you to entertain your guests with music while they are climbing. The weatherproof loudspeakers are mounted on the poles of the system and provide an excellent sound experience throughout the entire High Ropes Course.