adventure trail

An Adventure Trail is a low ropes course that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of children. Balance and climbing elements are strung together to form a course and offer variety to conventional, individual playgrounds. Through the different elements, the children train their agility and coordination. All imaginable elements can be integrated, both low ropes elements as well as adapted climbing elements from our high ropes courses.

Due to the variable arrangement of robinia wood poles, no trees are necessary. The combination possibilities of the stations are infinite. The low ropes course offers space for many children at the same time. For this reason, it is particularly suitable for schools as well as on outdoor areas of day care centers and kindergartens. An Adventure Trail blends wonderfully into the existing terrain due to its natural appearance in public playgrounds and in parks.

We have the possibility to integrate different levels of difficulty so that the low ropes courses are adaptable to all age- and ability groups.


An Adventure Trail can be individually arranged besides some preconstructed variations. Poles with platform heights between 50 cm and 80 cm can be combined with various connecting and ropes elements. The ropes course elements such as the wobble bridge, balancing pole, and net can also be connected to classic playground equipment such as a slide or climbing tower. In addition to the natural look, due to the natural robinia trunks, there is also the possibility to design your facility thematically. For most of the elements grass is sufficient as a base, but also sand, gravel, and wood chips fit well into the overall concept.