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Our High Ropes Courses around the world are telling their stories.

Discover already existing success stories of our High Ropes Courses. Either alone-standing or integrated into various areas such as ski resort, urban environments, leisure or amusement parks, all in a wide variety of different sizes. Get first-hand insights into what our customers are aiming for when building and operating a KristallTurm® High Ropes Course.

Muscle monster Fujikyu, Sagamihara, japan

“KristallTurm® was the ideal partner for us regarding the planning and construction of the high ropes course. We chose KristallTurm® because the available space was very limited and the components had to be able to withstand an earthquake.”

Mayumi Aono

Branded as `Muscle Monster`, the KT-18 with 4 levels was built in 2017 and is part of the Sagami Lake Resort Pleasure Forest in Sagamihara, 100 km to the west of Tokyo, Japan. Each year, roughly 100.000 visitors come to experience the adventure of this High Ropes Course. Ever since one of the most famous Japanese youtubers shared his visit, this High Ropes Course got even more popular all over Japan.

Key Features
Location Sagamihara, Kanagawa
Opening March 2017
Size 18-pole High Ropes Course (KT-18), 4 levels, 90 climbing elements
Add-on elements Event platform, observation deck, ground platform, giant swing, long slackline
Operation Year round

jinling jungle, nanjing, china

The world’s largest KristallTurm®, Jinling Jungle in Nanjing, China, was opened in November 2020. The 18-pole High Ropes Course with 4 levels is located in a public park in Nanjing. The 120 climbing elements are completed by an event platform, a kids’ course, a giant swing, a zip line and a tube slide. Despite the strict travel restrictions due to COVID-19, the world’s largest KristallTurm® was built within only 2 months.

Key Features
Location Public Park Nanjing
Opening November 2020
Size 18-pole High Ropes Course (KT-18), 4 level, 139 climbing elements
Add-on elements Event platform, kids’ course, giant swing, additional stairs, zip line, pillow jump, abseiling station, walk the plan, ground platform, color coating
Operation year round

Cliimber, flumserberg, switzerland

The KristallTurm® High Ropes Course Cliimber is located at an elevation of 1,600 m above sea level on the Flumserberg. It is THE summer attraction for fun and thrills. This High Rope Course contains 90 climbing elements in 3 levels, combined with an event platform, a zip line, a climbing wall, a giant swing and a kids’ course. The kids’ course is installed below the first level with additional 19 climbing elements and offers young kids their first steps into the climbing world.

Key Features
Location Flumserberg mountain station
Opening May 2012
Size 18-pole High Ropes Course (KT-18), 3 levels, 109 climbing elements
Add-on elements Event platform, zip line (6 lines), climbing wall, abseiling station, trust jump, kids’ course
Operation June till October

Magic jungle, shanghai, china

This 13-pole High Ropes Course with 78 climbing elements on 3 levels is located directly in the port of Shanghai. It was extended by an abseiling station, a giant swing, a kids’ course with additional 16 climbing elements and a tube slide. A special roof construction as well as climbing panels on the steel poles complete the facility. In order to withstand the weather conditions directly on the water, the steel parts are coated with a special corrosion protection.

Key Features
Location Port of Shanghai
Opening July 2018
Size 13-pole High Ropes Course, 3 levels, 94 climbing elements
Add-on elements Kids’ course, ground platform, roof, tube slide, giant swing, salt water package
Operation year round

Golf-climbing park, oberhof, Deutschland

In September 2019, the 12-pole KristallTurm® at the Oberhof leisure and winter sports center in Thuringia went into operation. The High Ropes Course, with a total of 69 climbing elements on 3 levels, was devoted to the winter sports for which the place is known. For the theming of the children’s course, a German children’s television station was won as a sponsor. The children can work their way through these theme worlds.

Key Features
Location Oberhof, in combination with adventure golf
Opening Septembre 2019
Size 12-pole High Ropes Courses, 3 levels, 83 climbing elements
Add-on elements Kids’ course in cooperation with KIKA (popular german TV-channel for children), abseiling station, walk the plank, giant swing
Operation Spring till autumn

namsskogan, trones, norway

Since 2015 one of our KT-7 is located in the mid of the Namsskogan wildlife park in Central Norway. The wild animals that live in the park have been thematically picked up in this climbing tower. Arctic foxes, bears, animal paws and much more decorate this High Ropes Course with 36 climbing stations on three levels and a height of 16 meters. In 2017, the tower, which offers climbing for 50 people at a time, was expanded to include a children’s course with a mini zip line.

Key Features
Location Namsskogan Wildlife Park, Trones, Norway
Opening July 2015
Size 7-pole High Ropes Course, 3 levels, 45 climbing elements
Add-on elements Ground platform, abseiling station, kids’ course with mini zip line
Operation June till August

Lalandia, billund, Denmark

This KristallTurm® High Ropes Course was built into an existing leisure and vacation park – Lalandia in Billund, Denmark. The freestanding high ropes course with 7 poles offers 36 climbing elements on 3 levels as well as other add-on elements such as an event platform, a kids´ course, a walk the plank, an abseiling station and, more recently, a zip line. Thus, it brings a lot of fun and action to all ages as well as to the younger visitors.

Key Features
Location Theme Park, Billund
Opening May 2019
Size 7-pole High Ropes Course, 3 levels, 45 climbing elements
Add-on elements Kids’ course, event platform, walk the plank, abseiling station, additional staircase, zip line
Operation Year round

Aida Prima & Perla

Our High Ropes Courses can be climbed not only on land, but also at sea! Two of the AIDA series cruise ships have been equipped with 16 KristallTurm® climbing elements each. With its thematically designed climbing elements, the High Ropes Course fits perfectly into the activity deck. This extraordinary High Ropes Course guarantees unique entertainment and unforgettable experiences on board of the AIDA cruise ships Prima and Perla.

Key Features
Location AIDA Prima & Perla
Opening 2016
Size Special edition with 16 climbing stations
Operation Year round

swiss mega park, Frenkendorf, switzerland

The Swiss Mega Park is an indoor but also outdoor sports and leisure facility in Frenkendorf near Basel. The park offers numerous attractions for young and old on approx. 12.000 m2. Children, teenagers and adults alike get their money’s worth with the various attractions. In addition to giant trampolines, a kids laser, an outdoor mini golf facility and many more, the 9-pole indoor High Ropes Course from KristallTurm® completes the offer of the park.

Key Features
Location Swiss Mega Park, Frenkendorf
Opening June 2015
Size 9-pole High Ropes Course, 2 levels, 32 climbing stations
Operation Year round